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IPMA-HR is the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. We represent the interests of human resource professionals at all levels and strive to promote excellence in HR management.


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Welcome to Wisconsin IPMA-HR

We’re the Wisconsin Chapter of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources.

Our organization is comprised of public sector human resource professionals throughout Wisconsin. Wisconsin IPMA-HR is devoted to providing resources and expertise that will enhance each member’s knowledge within the field of human resources, and to providing opportunities to network with public sector HR professionals.

Affiliation with IPMA-HR

We are the Wisconsin affiliate of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), a nonprofit and educational organization, committed to the advancement of the public sector by providing HR professionals with key educational and training opportunities, valuable resources and assessments products, and effective advocacy at every level of government.

IPMA-HR represents more than 9,000 individuals and 1,100 agencies at the local, state and federal levels of government worldwide. IPMA-HR is comprised of four U.S. regions and over 42 affiliate chapters that operate independently and provide members with professional resources, events, and career advancement opportunities.

Wisconsin Chapter IPMA-HR’s Purpose

To encourage and facilitate cooperative action among public jurisdictions, private employers, and professional groups within the Chapter area on human resources problems of mutual concern.

Wisconsin Chapter IPMA-HR’s Intent

To form a not for profit organization that benefits human resource professionals working in the public sector.

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February 14, 2020             
Wisconsin IPMA-HR Board Meeting

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If you are considering to be a board member or want to know more about IPMA-HR, join us at the next board meeting on February 14, 2020, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We will be planning our next events.

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April – Happy hour and social event
August – Roundtable event
October – Wisconsin IPMA-HR Annual Training Conference
December – Winter Social

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2020 Member Directory

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Past Events

IPMA-HR Wisconsin Chapter’s Programming Committee meets regularly to plan for events throughout the year. If you would like to join us, be more involved, or would like to speak at our events, we would love to hear from you!

December 12, 2019 Revealing and Reducing Your Unconscious Bias

In a current climate where conclusions are quickly made, lines are drawn, and sides are formed, many individuals have sacrificed evaluating, and understanding, in exchange for the ability to simply keep up in this fast-paced world. Although greater speed and efficiency is consistently desired across several professional, technological, and personal, platforms, the limitations they create can be even more detrimental if not appropriately exercised. In order for individuals to process perceptions and observations more effectively, it requires them to reveal the origins of their affinities, aversions, and attitudes, in correlation to how they react to the world around them. More importantly, understanding these biases contributes to creating a better environment for everybody else around them. 
Revealing and Reducing Your Unconscious Bias explores bias at its simplest form, but offers an outlet to apply it to reactions and decisions made at work or in one’s personal life. This casual and candid presentation operates more like a discussion, and does not limit one’s abilities by saying what he or she should or should not be doing. Instead, it empowers individuals into understanding why they react in particular ways. Heavy topics do not have to be uncomfortable to discuss. Like an athlete in his or her arena, it just requires a lot of exercise leading up to it. 

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We are looking for members to join the 2019 Programming and Membership Committees. Committees typically meet 1-2 hours every 4-6 weeks. 

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The Programming Committee helps coordinate speakers and space for our roundtable events, socials, and annual chapter conference.


The Membership Committee develops ways to connect public sector HR and management professionals with the Wisconsin Chapter.


The Registration Committee provides hospitality and helps check-in members and guests at our events.


The Publicity Committee promotes our events by creating and sending marketing materials.

IPMA-HR Wisconsin Chapter Board Members

This is a professional business organization site and members on this list
are not to be solicited by any means for any reason.

Current Members

Erich George,

DOA – Bureau of Merit Recruitment & Selection 
Madison, WI

Lindsay Johnson,
President Elect

HR Specialist – Senior
ETF – Human Resources
Madison, WI

Erika Ryerson,
Past President

HR Specialist – Senior
DWD – Bureau of Human Resources
Madison, WI

Kate Hattery,

HR Specialist – Advanced
DWD – Bureau of Human Resources
Madison, WI

John Wiesman,

Executive HR Specialist – Advanced
DOA – Division of Personnel Mgmt
Madison, WI

Eva Lee,
Board Member – Tech

Executive HR Specialist – Senior
DOA – Division of Personnel Mgmt
Madison, WI

Dr. Robert Toomey,
Board Member

Learning Specialist
DNR – Division of Forestry
Madison, WI

Julie Kisely,
Board Member

HR Specialist
DOA – Division of Personnel Mgmt
Madison, WI

Harold Tack
Board Member

Communication Operator
DOC – DCC Monitoring Center 
Madison, WI

Jim Stratton,
Member Emeritus

IPMA-HR Certified Instructor
Madison, WI

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